Lecithin 1200mg (90 Capsules)


Heart Health

Packed with polyunsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids, Lecithin protects against heart disease by preventing cholesterol and fatty build-up while improving blood circulation. Helping you reach your health goal because with a healthy heart, the beat goes on.

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  • Soya oil / Sojaolie 75 mg
  • Lecithin / Lecitien 1200 mg

Additional information


Lecithin enables fats such as cholesterol and other lipids to be dispersed in water and removed from the body. The vital organs and arteries are thus protected from fatty build-up. Lecithin is a type of lipid that is needed by every living cell in the human body. Cell membranes are largely composed of lecithin. The protective sheaths surrounding the brain are composed of lecithin and the muscles and nerve cells also contain this essential fatty substance. It aids in the absorption of thiamine by the liver and vitamin A in the intestine.

Lecithin would be a wise addition to anyone’s diet


Needed by every living cell

Preservative free • Lactose free
Sucrose free • Gluten free
No flavours or artificial colours added
Suitable for diabetics and vegetarians
Bovine/Porcine free


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