Inositol 500mg (60 Vegicaps)


Heart Health

A lipid-lowering compound, important throughout the body and brain produces a significant reduction in cholesterol while lowering elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides so you may live longer, healthier.

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  • Inositol / Inositol 500 mg

Additional information


Inositol is a B group vitamin and has been found to be useful in dealing with stress, anxiety and panic attacks. It has a lipotropic effect, therefore removing fats (cholesterol) from the liver.

It is believed to improve memory and is important for hair growth, skin and eye health. It also induces a calming effect and therefore could improve sleep patterns. It is a fundamental ingredient in all cell membranes and is necessary for proper nerve, brain and muscle function.


Removing fats from the liver
Hair growth, skin and eye health
Improve sleep patterns

Preservative free • Lactose free
Sucrose free • Gluten free
No flavours or artificial colours added
Suitable for diabetics and vegetarians
Bovine/Porcine free


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