Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg (60 Capsules)


Brain Health

Rich in Omega 6 fatty acid, important for hormonal balance, maintaining brain chemistry and improving brain communication. Allowing you to boost your mental health and keep a level head in order to achieve whatever your mind conceives.



  • Vitamin E / Vitamien E 10 mg
  • Evening Primrose Oil / Nagblom Olie 1000 mg

Additional information


Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is an essential fatty acid (EFA) and helps to rebuild and produce new cells. It is believed that it has a lubricating effect on joints and is good for the skin and hair. EFA is found in high concentration in the brain, and it aids in the transmission of nerve impulses and is needed for the normal development and functioning of the brain. Biolife EPO contains 10% gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

Nourishes nails, scalp and hair.
Helps with premenstrual tension.
• Gelatine Capsules
• Preservative free
• Lactose free
• Sucrose free
• Gluten free
• Iodine free

No flavours or artificial colours added
Suitable for diabetics


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