Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg (30 Capsules)


Brain Health

A powerful antioxidant that prevents brain structural deterioration and provides the brain with a phenomenal amount of energy for proper functioning at any age. It fuels the mitochondria of cells, so you can use your brain optimally and live life on a new level.

Energy Enhancement

A powerful antioxidant that works on a cellular level to naturally increase a long-term boost
in energy levels, and help the body use food more efficiently for energy. Let fatigue become a thing
of the past!

Heart Health

A fat-soluble antioxidant good for the cardiovascular system, assures circulatory health and
supports optimal cardiac function. A simple solution to extending lifespan and improving quality of

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  • Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10 ) / Ubikinoon (ko-ensiem Q 10) 100 mg

Additional information


CO Q10 is found in all cell membranes. Most CO Q10 is found in the mitochondria, the energy producing part of every cell, especially in the heart, brain, kidneys and liver. It is essential in producing ATP or fuel on which the body functions. CO Q10 is also a fat soluble anti-oxidant and therefore helps boost the body’s immune system by destroying free radicals.

It is believed by many practitioners that all patients taking statins for cholesterol lowering reasons should be on COQ10.

Many sportsmen and woman have found Ubiquinone (Co-Enzyme Q10) to be a natural manner in which to improve performance.


• Boost the body’s immune system
• Lowering cholesterol
• Improve performance
• Preservative free
• Lactose free
• Sucrose free
• Gluten free

No flavours or artificial colours added
Suitable for diabetics and vegetarians
Bovine/Porcine free


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