Biotin 5mg (60 vegicaps)


Hair, Skin and Nails

A water soluble B-vitamin, essential for boosting growth and keeping hair, skin, and nails looking youthful, healthy, and vibrant because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression!



  • Biotin / Biotien 5 mg

Additional information


Biotin is a B group vitamin, often called Vitamin H, because it is thought to be good for healthy hair.

It assists in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and protein. It’s major benefit is believed to be its ability to strengthen hair and nails. Many nutritionists agree that Biotin is one of the important vitamins for supporting hair growth.

2 reviews for Biotin 5mg (60 vegicaps)

  1. Bev

    Just a quick note of thanks for my recent delivery – and your very kind gesture of a complimentary bottle of BIOTIN. Unexpected but very appreciated. Also for the awesome customer service – from the personal telephone call, to your swift delivery.
    Thank you again. Take care,
    Bev Flemix

  2. Laura K

    I have had a problem with my hair falling out due to stress and chronic pulmonary illness. I have tried other products for months but never saw any major results.
    I was recommended to take Biotin 5mg by Sania at Simply Natural in Canal Walk, Century City.
    I am still on my first bottle and can see that I have new hair growing.
    NEVER in my life have I had my own long nails, they were so soft and brittle. All of a sudden I have long nails. I am starting to get used to the long nails and really enjoying painting them, must just get used to how to maintain long nails.
    I would like to thank you for such a wonderful product and would recommend it to others any day.

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