Digestive health


Natural, herbal digestive solutions to enhance your body’s ability to detox, repair and absorb nutrients so you can feel your best and live the productive life you’ve always wanted.

Herbal Laxative

Herbal Laxative (60 Vegicaps) R105.00

A mild, herbal formula that contains anti-spasmatic herbs with fibre provided by psyllium husk, a mild laxative produced by senna leaf and added dandelion to stimulate healthy bowel production to cleanse your system. Keeping you regular and healthy.

Milk Thistle Extract 375mg

Milk Thistle 375mg (60 Vegicaps) R135.00

A natural but potent detoxifying herbal weapon to powerfully protect and repair your liver from harmful toxins so you can continue enjoying life’s pleasures.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed Oil 1000mg (90 Vegicaps) R159.00

Organic Omega 3-6-9  believed to regulate digestion and act as a lubricant to offer easy and natural constipation relief. A simple and easy way to address your digestive woes!

Flaxseed Oil

Lecithin 1200mg (90 Capsules) R120.00

detox liver… remove cholesterol from liver..