Bones and Joints


Skeletal support providing nourishing protection to bones and joints, build bone mass and maintain activity levels, mobility and independence no matter your age.

Joint Support

Joint Support (60 Tablets) R125.00

A specialised formula that goes beyond reducing inflammation, pain and stiffness. It also promotes healthy joints, strengthens collagen fibres and renews your confidence in your body’s pain free mobility.

Calcium 750mg

Calcium 750mg (60 Tablets) R115.00

High potency Calcium with added Magnesium, Boron and Zinc to guard against low bone density and bone deterioration. - Improving the physical quality of your life.

Alkaline Base Powder

Alkaline Base Powder 250g R125.00

A multi-mineral and organic calcium solution formulated to offset increases in acidity levels and protect against the build-up of illness-causing toxins. allowing you to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Alkaline Base Powder

Salmon Oil 1000mg R135.00

A natural source of omega 3 fatty acids believed to help lubricate joints affected by arthritic conditions thus, improving physical mobility.