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Can One Reduce Cholesterol Via the Natural Route?

I am not suggesting that all patients on prescription medication such as ‘Statin Drugs’ should now change to a natural route of medication. I am however suggesting the following, on how to reduce cholesterol:

  • Those of you on regular medication for cholesterol and who have major side effects such as muscular problems, should consult with your doctors and or physicians.
  • Discuss your cholesterol levels with your doctor and should the levels be just marginally high, ask whether you could attempt the natural route for 3 to 6 months to determine whether an improvement takes place.
  • Those of you who do not have a cholesterol problem should pro-act to the possibility of fat build-up over time, in your arteries, which can lead to serious problems. Taking Lecithin and Inositol daily would be beneficial.


Inositol is a naturally occurring nutrient and is believed to be part of the B group of vitamins, sometimes known as vitamin H. It plays a major role in preventing the collection of fats in the liver as well as promoting healthy hair growth. It also helps in the process of energy production. It has been shown to aid in the transmission of messages within the central nervous system and it is thought that it could slow the advances of Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been used (in large doses) to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia and is also believed to help memory.

Dosage for Cholesterol reduction: 500mg 1-3 capsules daily
depending on severity.


In biochemistry Lecithin is a synonym for phosphatydal choline. It is the main lipid component of our cell membranes. It is produced mainly from vegetable sources with the majority coming from soya beans. Lecithin is useful in removing cholesterol out of the body and maintaining a healthy liver. The choline found in liver attracts the LDL or ‘bad cholesterol’ in the blood and removes it. Lecithin tends to increase HDL or the ‘good cholesterol.

Dosage for Cholesterol reduction: 1-2 capsules (1200mg) before breakfast and 1-2 capsules before supper every day.
depending on severity.

Obviously a good diet, avoiding foods with saturated fats, and exercise will go a long way in
helping the ‘fat’ reduction.

Check with your health professional.

– Ellis Henen.